Envoici – Changelog

Our team is constantly working on improving the application addressing bugs and details as they arise.  Feel free to share any suggestions or observations.

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Changelog Details

06-16-2023 – Version 1.04 

Removed batch inventory feature


01-17-2023 – Version 1.04 

Removed HSN Code error from product summary


10-31-2022 – Version 1.03 

Spelling corrected – “Payment Received on this invoice”

Removed code in ‘Payheads’ screen.

Invoice email notification formatting updated


10/7/2022  – Version 1.03

Receipt email formatting has been done


10/6/2022  – Version 1.02

The estimate creation issue has been resolved


10/5/2022 – Version 1.01

Fixed – Payroll Main Settings Holiday Date should be a date field.


10/1/2022 – Version 1

Customer setup – Date fields added to the Billing information.

Employee screen – Duplication of role information removed.