How to change the Invoice numbering in Envoici?

Let’s see how we can change the sequence number for Invoice

Please follow the path, Settings > Invoice Section

You will see following options:

1) Random Unique Number: In this option, system will select a random unique number for each invoice.

2) Daily reset sequence Number: If the transaction volume for invoices is high, the daily reset sequence is helpful. The default prefix added to the number will be the date for transaction.

3) Manual Numbering: In this option, you can enter your own numbering manually. Kindly ensure that the numbering is unique for each invoice.

4) INV Prefix followed by sequence number: This is the most preferred way of invoice numbering. The sequence number will be generated by the system in a progressive manner.

5) Custom Prefix & Suffix: With this option you can add a Prefix and suffix of your choosing.

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