How to choose Invoice templates in Envoici?

There are different invoice templates a user can choose for their business in the settings of Envoici.

First scroll down so you can view the templates.

In order to change the invoice template, users must follow these basic steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to Settings> Invoices.

Step 2: Under Invoice Template, Select Template choose the required template you want.

You can select from the:

1) Classic
2) Modern
3) Thermal
4) Tabular
5) SMB
6) Professional
7) Retail
8) Minimalist

Step 3: Click on save and it’s done.

If you want to edit the template, just simply click on edit, and a dialogue box will appear as seen below:

Here you can make changes on template like:

1) Hide Company Logo
2) Hide Company Address
3) Select the Margin in millimeters

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