How to create a new Customer?

Creating a customer in Envoici is very easy.

There are 2 ways you can add a customer. You can either do a quick customer creation from an invoice or you can also add a new customer from the Income > Customer window.

1. Add customer from the Invoice Creation screen

When you select a customer while creating a new invoice, the system will show the list of all customers in the dropdown. Here you will get an option Add New which will allow quick customer creation.

In this customer creation pop-up, you can add the name of the customer, Tax registration number, (VAT Details for customers), opening balance, email ID, contact number, and the address.

If you want to add more additional data for the customer, especially a currency different than your home currency (This will be helpful for raising an export invoice), you need to follow the following step 2.

2. Add customer from Income > Customer

This window will allow you to add a few more additional data fields. The data fields such as the currency of the customer are essential when one wants to raise an export invoice. 

You can also set the credit limits for each of your customers. As of now the credit limit is a data field. We are planning to add new reports and alerts around this data point.

You have a large list of the customers ! No worries! 

You can use the Bulk Customer Import feature to import your long list of customers all at once.

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