How to create an Export Invoice?

An Export invoice is an invoice which is raised in a currency other than your home currency. For Ex. if you are based out of Barbados and your home currency is BBD, you can raise invoices for a customer in the United States in USD and it will be termed as an Export Invoice.

An Export invoice is recorded in the USD and a PDF of the invoice is generated. Envoici will record the transaction in BBD which is the home currency in our example. Please follow the given steps to raise an Export Invoice.

1) Create a customer from the Income > Customer menu. Please fill in all required fields, link customer name, address, and contact details. Most importantly, select the currency which is non-home currency.

2) Go to Income > New Invoice and create a new invoice.

3) Select the customer (Created in step 1) to whom the export bill needs to be raised.

4) Please select the exchange rate. This will be the rate on the date of the transaction. This rate will be used for conversions and accounting entries in the backend in the home currency.

5) Please mark the invoice as Export Invoice and fill in other details as required.

That’s it !! You will be able to generate an Invoice PDF which will be an Export Invoice.

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