How to Import Customer List?

Imagine you have the customers’ data stored in another system and you want to import it into Envoici. Let’s see how you can import contacts like customers’ or vendor’s lists from a file easily.

Please follow the below-mentioned steps:

1) Log in to Envoici and go to Income -> Customers

2) Click on the ‘Import Customers’ option available near the ‘Add New Customer’ button

3) Download the sample file. Please make adjustments to your customer file according to the format of the downloaded sample file. Customer name is mandatory. If the billing address and shipping address are the same then complete only the billing address field

4) Click on ‘Browse’, select the file containing the customer data, and press the ‘Import’ button.

5) On the next screen, you will see the status of the import. Records marked as ‘Success’ are successfully imported into Envoici

6) Click on the ‘Correct Customer’ button to correct records that have not been recorded due to some reason (See the list below)

7) You can come back and work on the uploaded file anytime by clicking on the file name on the Import screen

The Import process can fail to import certain records due to following reasons:

– Duplicate Records
– Type Mismatch (Ex: Invalid date or phone number format)
– Misplaced data (Ex: Date mentioned in Phone number column)

This way you can import your contacts in bulk into Envoici easily with few clicks.

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