How to Record Consumption of Raw Material in Envoici

Recording consumption of Raw Material

Manufacturing units primarily require the recording of consumption of Raw Material. When you record consumption of Raw Material, the inventory for the given raw material is reduced from the stock. This helps in knowing the actual levels of raw materials and also makes decisions on when to order the raw materials.

Trading Units or Service based businesses can also use this feature if there are any consumables used in the business operations. This is one of the key steps in Inventory Management for business.

You can record the consumption of Raw Material via following steps:

Step 1: Go to Items > Manage Stock > Issue for Production

Step 2: Click on Add new Record

Please select the Date. Select Warehouse. Stock will populate only when a correct warehouse is selected. Then Select the Raw Material from the drop down. You will get to see the current stock as per the books of accounts.

You can record the voucher after entering the description in the Details section.

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